Transfiguration Update

Thanks to Project reader Bill for forwarding us this excellent piece in today's Philadelphia Inquirer, "Mark Alan Hughes: The Church of the Transformation," which details the work done by Provenance Old Soul Architecture Salvage to save and reuse the remaining artistic treasures that remain within Transfiguration's doomed walls.

Not that there's much left, of course, as we've previously noted here. But aside from the remaining mosaics and tile work, Provenance is interested in literally anything they can get their hands on. Time is a factor, though. The Inky asserts that the complete demolition is imminent--not, as Project reader Joe Kearney reported, a slow and deliberate process. That means that Provenance won't have time to save all of that tile, and much of it will probably be reduced to rubble. Example:


It also creates an interesting dynamic, since Mr. Kearney reported that the Boys Latin Charter was interested in saving much of the raw material as well. Hrm, does the Project detect an archaeological race to death? Oh, if only our lives were that exciting.


Godspeed, Provenance. You have a mission that the Project appreciates and supports wholeheartedly.

Oh, and yes, I did promise an update on the demolition. Hopefully they'll still be something left when the Project heads over this weekend, but until then (courtesy again Mr. Kearney):