Philadelphia Church Project Disclaimers

As you join me on this tour, there are some key things you need to keep in mind. Reading these now will hopefully save you the trouble of sending indignant e-mails, and save me the trouble of having to read said e-mails.

  1. While we generally like 'em big and ornate, the Project is pretty much open to covering churches of any shape, size and denomination. A lot of them will be Roman Catholic, mainly because their architecture is the most ornate and prolific around — but don't worry, we'll make sure we spread the love as evenly as possible.
  2. The when and the where is entirely at the discretion of the Project, and is subject to factors like mass schedules, geographic location and, most importantly, the Project's own availability. Don't see a church you want? Feel free to suggest one. Just note that a church's absence from our list doesn't mean it isn't in our future plans, and that we are not obligated to fulfill a suggestion.
  3. The Project is not an architectural, sociological or historical expert, so please take our reviews accordingly. We are a hobbyist and enthusiast, and to that end introduce as much information and detail as possible. But we don't know everything, and nor do we have the time to really try. Many times we simply go by what we see when visiting a church.
  4. We're going to have some fun here. This is the most controversial, but also the most important, part. The Project is of the opinion that religion and humor don't have to be separate, especially when dealing with a topic that often puts people to sleep. The Almighty, we think, has a pretty good sense of humor. To that end, our comments will often be irreverent, jocular and even delightfully mischievous. There's never any disrespect intended, so keep that in mind before flaming our inbox.
  5. We’re going to learn something here. From time to time I’ll introduce rules, or theorems, that speak to a greater trend or common theme among churches. You’ll see what I mean when they come up. And yes, please take them in the same spirit as everything else.
  6. Feel free to share. The Project welcomes reader contributions, especially vintage photos or other materials. Please note that when submitting something to us, you grant the Project permission to use it as we see fit within our site. Those permissions do not extend any further.
  7. I am not a church and do not conduct my own services. I shouldn't have to explain that one, but yet, here we are.
  8. Likewise, do not ask me about a particular church's mass times, availability of facilities or spiritual records, or anything else that can be discovered through a simple internet search or phone call.

And not steal from the Project. Unless otherwise noted, all of the text and pictures you see here are ours, and are thus protected intellectual property. If you wish to use something, please let me know; we are usually very reasonable about such requests.