Church Project Theorem: Pimp My Church


Pimp My Church is a phenomenon that a lot of parishes have unfortunately embraced over the years, especially post-Vatican II. Simply put, it's when a church can't leave their architectural legacy alone. The Holy Spirit starts tap-dancing on the right-sides of the brains, and they get creative. The bad kind of creative.

The kind where they remove altars, extend sanctuaries out into the nave, rearrange pews (or remove them altogether), and start ripping out priceless fixtures. Pimp My Church goes beyond what's needed for repairs or renovations, and extends into priests wanting to be interior designers. 

It's a bad idea for a lot of reasons. And I, truthfully, hate it more than anything else, because it usually means the wholesale destruction or desecration of once-priceless interiors, and what replaces those interiors is usually the worst kind of schlock.

Notable Examples