Church Project Theorem: The North Philadelphia Swath of Destruction


This theorem refers to the obliteration of nearly every Roman Catholic parish in North Philadelphia. The wave of decline and decay that turned the Northern portion of the city into a black hole also did a number on its churches. When the surrounding communities were cut down, their parishes didn’t stand a chance. They all fell one-by-one as said wave cut a massive swath of destruction across the North Philly landscape, leaving little of value intact in its wake.

Just a partial list of the victims, seen below, is staggering. And some that survived only did so through consolidation. Thus, St. Columba became St. Martin de Porres, and Holy Child became Our Lady of Hope.

Random survivors aside, there’s virtually nothing left from the Boulevard to City Hall, especially along the Broad Street corridor.

See also: The Year of Hell, when most of these churches were closed.

Notable Examples: