About the Philadelphia Church Project

Philadelphia is full of stories. Some are bright and bold and occupy the broadest avenues of our minds. Others toil in the shadows, lurking in obscurity, in roads and neighborhoods largely forgotten.

Philadelphia's great churches, by and large, fall into the latter category.

Hulking behemoths of stone and marble and delicate stained glass, they are the embodiment of living history — of a person, of a family, of an entire community.

And they're endangered, beset by the changing of the times and the changing of our neighborhoods. They stand stark guard against the sands of time and progress, but it's a losing battle, and for most their time is running out. And when it does, our artistic, cultural, and historic heritage dies as well.

The Philadelphia Church Project seeks to remedy that. One part advocate, one part chronicle, the Project takes stock of these amazing buildings, tells their stories, and spreads them to as wide an audience as possible. No, awareness alone won't save these buildings, but it is a start.

I've made the first move. The rest is up to you.

Who is the Project?

Me. Or, more specifically, the guy who writes every word, takes every picture, produces every web feature. It's a lot for one person, sure. But when it's a labor of love, it turns out that you really don't mind.

I stumbled onto this gig completely by accident — and it's given me far more than I ever hoped for.

— Patrick M. Hildebrandt, Philadelphia Church Project